Fondazione Lemmermann

c/o Studio Associato Romanelli
via Cosseria 5, I-00192 Rome - ITALY

ph. +39 06.324.3023 - fax. +39 06.322.1788

Who is the grant addressed to?
To students enrolled in a recognized University program.

Are graduate students or Ph.D. candidates eligible for the award?
The Lemmermann Foundation considers eligible both master's and doctoral students. Research proposals will be selected on the basis of the quality and interest; also the committee will assess the need for the applicant to be in Rome in order to pursue his/her research.

Is there any age limit for the student to apply?
Students must be 35 or younger when they apply.

Are students of any nationality eligible?
Yes, they are.

Do the applicants have to know the Italian language?
A basic knowledge of the Italian language is required.

Are students of Italian as a foreign/second language eligible for the award?
The Lemmermann Foundation does not sponsor students of Italian as a foreign/second language.

In the application, what is the appropriate lenght for the description of the area of study and thesis? How much detail would be appropriate?
The description should be 3 to 6 pages long and it is important to explain the need to stay in Rome and any sources, institutes and libraries useful for the research.
The narrative should include:
(1) a research description (who, what, where, how, and why of research);
(2) a justification for financial support;
(3) goals and objectives: broad outcomes that you expect from your period of research in Rome and measurable matching outcome;
(4) procedures and activities: your action plan while in Rome.

Does the student have to submit a budget of his/her expenses while in Rome with his/her application?
It is not necessary.

What is the duration of the scholarship?
As a rule the Lemmermann Foundation awards short-term scholarships (from 2 to 6 months of length).

Can the award be used for research either during the academic year or in the summer?
As a rule the Foundation does not accept students in August, because in this period almost all important institutes and libraries in Rome are closed.

Is it possible to obtain a travel stipend?
The Foundation can evaluate this kind of requests only in case of a short stay and with a detailed plan of research.

Is lodging provided by the Foundation?
The students should arrange their own stay in Rome.

Is the Foundation affiliated with any particular institute or university?
No, it is not.

What is the nature of the scholarship?
These scholarships were created in order to promote and increase an interest in Rome and its artistic and cultural displays. The Lemmermann Foundation wants to offer a support to those students in the humanities, who need to study in Rome for completing their research.

Whould the applicants need to find a thesis advisor in Rome? or whould they be directed in research by their current advisors?
The students can be directed in research by their advisors in their colleges with no need to find any new advisor in Rome.

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